Player Piano Repair and Upgrades

A recognized leader in player piano technology, River Valley Piano is eager to share with you the latest updates in this fast advancing field.  The most recent offering includes the new PNOmation 3 system from QRS Music Technologies. (the same company that made, and still sells old player piano rolls!)   These systems allow you to control your piano from your phone, tablet, and are now even compatable with the new amazon Echo device.  Enjoy making your play with just a simple spoken command!

Consistent with their commitment to always provide customers with an upgrade path, QRS has made this upgrade available not only with their own 'legacy systems' but with most competing systems as well!  The team at River Valley Piano is able to service most of these systems as well, so not only do you get the latest technology update, but you also get the expertise required to get the most expressive enjoyment out of it.



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