Even those in the moving industry acknowledge piano moving presents a unique challenge.  They are heavy, awkwardly balanced, and unforgiving should the wrong techniques be applied.  Years of experience in piano restorations and repair has provided the piano movers at River Valley Piano with unique insight into the demands of a safe, successful, piano move.  Specialized equipment, an understanding of how pianos are made-and where leverage can be properly used; combined with an appreciation for the property (i.e. your home!) surrounding the piano are what it takes to complete this important task.  We're not your average piano moving company! Please take a moment to fill our moving form, and we'll enter into our piano moving cost estimator.

Piano Moving FAQs

Q: What information do you need to know before moving my piano?

  • We need to know if it’s a grand or an upright piano.
  • When you schedule your move let us know the height of the piano if it’s and upright, or it’s length (from of the keys to back of the piano) if it’s a grand.
  • Pick up and delivery address.
  • How many stairs, and if their are turns involved on either end of the move.
  • Special circumstances, such as the need to walk across a long section of grass, it’s a player piano, an urgent time frame, or fixed move time.
  • You can also just fill out our online piano moving form here and if we’ll get back to you with the appropriate follow up questions.

Q: Can you provide long distance piano moving?
Yes!  We partner with one of the leading long distance piano movers.  Your piano remains in the hands of specialty piano movers, vetted for insurance and reliability, throughout the entire process.

Q: Do you offer piano storage?

  • Yes. We offer clean, climate controlled storage, at our Vernon, CT  piano restoration facility.
  • Long or short term piano storage plans available.
  • The first $10,000 of insurance is included in your monthly rental fee.

Q: Do you carry insurance?

  • Absolutely.  It’s the only responsible way to do business, and is a requirement for the many churches, schools, and fellow industry professionals we partner with.
  • We can provide a copy of our insurance certificate upon request.

Q: How will my piano be protected during the move?

  • With clean, thick moving pads.
  • Special moving equipment for tilting grand pianos and securing them to a grand board.
  • With the knowledge and experience that come with years of not just moving pianos, but over twenty five years of piano restorations and repair.
  • No one cares for your piano like a piano refinisher!   

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